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Go ahead, let me have it!

My SAA presidential address, Feeding Our Young, has generated quite a firestorm on Twitter. My aim was to provoke discussion within the Society and the profession about these issues, and it looks like I succeeded! I also wanted to throw down the gauntlet to the SAA leadership (of which I’m no longer a formal member as of 3.5 hours ago, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be tuning out) to find a way to address the jobs issue, broadly raise the awareness of  members who may not know how tough things are out there, and various other things.

No doubt some of you out there have reactions but aren’t on Twitter. Or maybe you want to utter more than 140 characters’ worth of response. Anyway, if you’d like to say something to me, or to your colleagues, here’s a place to do it.

Fire away! — Jackie

P.S. I’ll be talking to the SAA office about getting the talk posted somewhere on the website.

Woo hoo! It’s NOLA time!

Greetings from beautiful New Orleans!! Archivists are beginning to gather, and soon we’ll outnumber the ever-present inebriated throngs on Bourbon Street. 🙂 I got here late last night after having a malfunctioning airplane grounded at DFW so am glad to have made it intact.

If you’re here already, welcome to the CoSA/SAA Joint Annual Meeting! And if you’re en route or not hitting the road quite yet, safe travels!

Agenda for the AMTF forum in New Orleans

Yesterday Kathy Marquis, co-chair of SAA’s amazing Annual Meeting Task Force, posted to the group’s web page a note about what’ll be happening at the AMTF’s public forum on next Wednesday, 15 August, when we’re all gathered in New Orleans. Her post gives you all the details, so have a look.

Here’s what I’d like to highlight: Most of the forum will consist of small group discussions about how SAA should follow up on the TF’s recommendations  in the following areas:

  • What sort of networking opportunities, both structured and unstructured, would you find valuable at the Annual Meeting?
  • We’re already implementing a variety of popular new session formats, such as lightning rounds and unconferences. What others would you like to see offered? See the call for proposals for the 2014 conference for a list of some of the possibilities being encouraged for next year. Which ones work the best for you?
  • Is it important to try to shorten the Annual Meeting in order to help attendees save on their expenses for the week? And if it is important, where should we cut back? Fewer sessions? Shorter sessions?
  • How should we approach offering some of the meeting content online to enable remote participation? Which types of session are the most important to make available? Section and roundtable meetings? Some of the dozens of education sessions? Plenaries? Perhaps live-streaming of the business meeting? SAA will have to factor in the cost of each methodology and set priorities. We’ll need to get the sense of the membership regarding what you need the most.

And be sure to have a look at the document that Council will be considering next Monday that may determine our priorities for making changes of all kinds to future Annual Meetings. Any and all comments on that are welcomed.

See you all soon!

In the Wings

And now, heeeeeere’s your incoming SAA President, who will take office on Saturday 17 August. Let’s have a big round of applause for Danna Bell-Russel!

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Go mobile for the SAA Annual Meeting!

Is there anybody out there who doesn’t yet know that SAA has launched a terrific mobile  app for the Annual Meeting schedule the week of 11-17 August? Although it’s a web app rather than one that gets downloaded onto a mobile device, it has pretty much the same features, and the display conforms extremely well to the parameters of a smart phone. You just enter the URL into your phone’s browser, and, voilà, there it is. Continue reading

Changes coming to the SAA Annual Meeting!

     If you read this week’s In the Loop e-newletter, you know that Council will be discussing its priorities for taking action on the many recommendations of the Annual Meeting Task Force at our meeting on the evening of Monday 12 August. Take a look at the document we’ll be discussing—I’d be happy to hear any comments before then so I can feed your reactions into the Council discussion. Continue reading

Help New Orleans renew and rebuild!

Colleen McFarland, the indefatigable vice-chair/chair-elect of SAA’s Archivists of Religious Collections Section, has once again taken the lead on organizing not one, but FIVE, service projects so that archivists attending the Annual Meeting in NOLA can “give back” to the city. Can you fit one of the projects into your busy schedule on Tuesday August 13th or Wednesday the 14th? Here’s more information from Colleen. –Jackie

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Live webcast on the Boston College oral histories controversy

Today’s post is from Beth Kaplan, SAA Council liaison to the Oral History Section, about a special event they’re hosting  this Wednesday, July 17, 2013 @ 2pm Eastern time. I’ll be really interested in how this goes, since SAA’s Council has encouraged discussion across the archival community about the issues raised by the controversy surrounding the Boston College oral histories with former members of the Irish Republican Army. -Jackie

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Have an opinion about SAA’s social media presence? Act fast!!

May 4th is your deadline for submitting comments on the Communication Task Force‘s preliminary recommendations regarding the future of the Society’s social media presence, online publications, website, and more. The draft includes a bit more explanation, but here’s the gist: Continue reading

They found it!! Now help us spread the word …

It’s guest blogger day again here at OTR as Teresa Brinati, SAA’s dynamic,  ever-enthusiastic Director of Publishing, reminds us that voting is  open until May 15th for the I Found it in the Archives! contest. Hey, and next year how about making sure at least one entry goes in from your archives? It’s great public relations. Your boss will love it! 🙂

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