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Influence our future!

Those SAA members who pay attention to organizational matters are aware that we’ve been talking for the past eight months (or more) about refreshing our  2010-2014 strategic priorities. Yeah, I know … you may be saying ho hum and yawn … that’s kind of how I’ve felt about my past experiences with strategic planning. But IMHO we’ve done some very strong work so far that can add up to some meaningful directions and changes in where SAA concentrates its efforts. And we’re ready for your feedback on our draft. Deadline is April 23rd. Continue reading

More, less, different? Preliminary recommendations of the SAA Communications Task Force

Today’s guest blogger is Beth Kaplan, SAA Council member and liaison to the Communications Task Force. The group’s draft recommendations were posted today, and we eagerly await your comments, which are due by 4 May. Please weigh in with your opinions! –Jackie

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Who found what? Find out here …

I know, I know … I pestered you only two weeks ago about voting in the SAA election (consider this a friendly reminder), and now I’m back. I just voted in the “I found it in the archives!” competition, and you should too.

It took less than ten minutes to read through the five (only five? really?) entries. Each little essay is less than 500 words (or so) long. They’re fun to read. I had an immediate favorite. Vote cast. Boom. On to the next thing on the to-do list. Continue reading

Are you a believer in democracy?

My fellow SAA members: what’s your usual response to an opportunity to vote in an election? Apathy? Thoughts of revolution or anarchy? Or do you get out there and VOTE??!! I regret to report that only about one-quarter of SAA members have voted in each of our last five elections for officers, Council members, and Nominating Committee:

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Volunteer to be an SAA mentor! Yeah, I’m talking to ***you***!!

Listen up! Do you care about the future of our profession? If not, read no further. But since you’re tuned into Off the Record, I’m guessing you do care. Continue reading

SAA’s distinguished new rep to NHPRC: Peter Gottlieb!

Receipt of the latest NHPRC e-newsletter today reminded me our mega-talented and very wise past President Peter Gottlieb is our new rep to the Commission. Making such appointments is one of the privileges of the SAA President, and I sure felt fortunate that Peter was willing to serve. He’s one of those members whose passion and influence endures into retirement. He’s also a member of our hard-working Government Affairs Working Group and represented the Society at last summer’s summit of regional archival societies in San Diego. And it’s clear that things archival aren’t his only passion: as his Facebook pal, I’m aware that he recently spent a week in El Salvador helping Habitat for Humanity build houses–and he wouldn’t be a true Wisconsite if he weren’t an avid fisherman!

Thank you, Peter!

Should a legal right to “archival privilege” be established?

Egad, it’s been way too long since the last OTR post! I’ll assign fault to the rather substantial work involved in prepping for and cleaning up after (so to speak) an SAA Council meeting and my final push to publish a major research report (forgive the plug for my terrific day job, but consider taking a look!).

You may have seen SAA’s discussion statement about the Belfast Project at Boston College that has drawn lots of concern from archivists and historians over the past two years. The Oral History Section also has posted a lot of useful information. Today we hear from Frank Boles, SAA past president and chair of our Government Affairs Working Group, who led the work to develop our statement. He and his merry band of GAWGers always do excellent research and thinking before they send a document to Council, and this one is no exception.

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Those amazing Georgia activists keep fighting!

It’s great to see that the historians, genealogists, archivists, librarians, and other citizens of Georgia who care about the Georgia Archives (i.e., the state archives) are continuing to fight for increased funding and a sane transfer of responsibility from the Secretary of State to the University System of Georgia. The Clayton News Daily has a good article today about the group of advocates who greeted legislators on the first day of their new session with placards and chants and energy. Continue reading

Nominations Needed for SAA’s Awards and Scholarships!

Erin Lawrimore is the senior co-chair of SAA’s Awards Committee. Read her invitation to submit nominations by 28 February and help recognize your outstanding colleagues!

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Hurry! Time is Running Out!! We Want You!!!

SAA Vice President Danna Bell-Russel’s call for volunteers for SAA committees was first issued in October, and the deadline is drawing nigh–Monday 14 January, my 61st!! birthday. 🙂 Here’s what Danna has to say to you …

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