Who found what? Find out here …

I know, I know … I pestered you only two weeks ago about voting in the SAA election (consider this a friendly reminder), and now I’m back. I just voted in the “I found it in the archives!” competition, and you should too.

It took less than ten minutes to read through the five (only five? really?) entries. Each little essay is less than 500 words (or so) long. They’re fun to read. I had an immediate favorite. Vote cast. Boom. On to the next thing on the to-do list.

But sheesh: only five entries? Most of you out there work with students and scholars and community members who make exciting/interesting/cool (life changing! titillating!) discoveries in your collections every day. This contest should have a zillion entries! Would your library/archives director totally groove on (yes, I lived through the 60s)  knowing that one of your users’ big discoveries won a national essay contest? You bet s/he would. Those bigshots live for audience-friendly publicity.

So, now you have three exceptionally modest assignments:

  1. Vote in the SAA elections (only two more weeks before it’s too late).
  2. Vote for your favorite I Found It story.
  3. Vow to get at least one story submitted from your archives next year. How hard can it be? You love all that researcher excitement. Just get one of them to spend 30 minutes writing it up.

Yes, I’m a tad relentless. But look on the positive side: only four more months left in my presidency! (Not that I’m counting. It’s fun!)

2 responses to “Who found what? Find out here …

  1. Shonnie Finnegan

    Jackie, I love your blogs and think it is such a great idea to communicate with the membership this way. Your wonderful sense of humor and your enthusiasm for the profession shine through every one. Hope you’ll continue having fun as SAA prez and have an outstanding annual meeting!

  2. Jackie Dooley

    Thanks, Shonnie! That means a lot coming from you. Don’t you wish social media had been with us during your presidency? 🙂 It’s pretty fantastic to have a way to talk casually to members.

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