Have an opinion about SAA’s social media presence? Act fast!!

May 4th is your deadline for submitting comments on the Communication Task Force‘s preliminary recommendations regarding the future of the Society’s social media presence, online publications, website, and more. The draft includes a bit more explanation, but here’s the gist:

  1. Enhance “Archival Outlook”
  2. Sharpen “In the Loop”
  3. The SAA website: tweak now, overhaul soon
  4. Consider an official SAA blog
  5. Emphasize aggregation of relevant content
  6. Use social media to build on the success of Off the Record
  7. Make more extensive use of blogs for the SAA Conference
  8. SAA’s Twitter use – more than a broadcast channel
  9. LinkedIn carry on without expending resources; Flickr and Facebook, low cost reevaluation.

Exert your rights as a member. Let us know what you think. Do it here on this page, or here, or by taking this quickie survey. Thanks for your help.

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