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How can we best make you feel welcome?

This evening’s post is going to be a quickie so I can get it out there before launching my weekend (yay!). There has been some chat here and there today about how effective SAA’s orientation session for new attendees was this year, and I’d love to hear some specifics about how we could keep improving it. I’m getting a clear sense that the bottom line is … the more interactivity, the better. Continue reading

Hanging Together

A provocative new guest blogger joins the Off the Record roster today. The SAA Council was discussing last Friday’s tweetfest questioning whether the new SAA/NARA publication Resources for Volunteer Programs in Archives inappropriately advocates for the use of unpaid workers, and Terry Baxter leapt into the fray and answered my call for a blog post in response.

He expresses his opinion in typical unfettered Beaver Archivist fashion  (matching the level of passion used by last week’s tweeters). The faint of heart may be taken aback just a bit. Gird your loins, read on, and then build the comment thread.

Continue reading

SAA on the installment plan?

Habitués of Twitter who follow the tweet streams of @DerangeDescribe (SNAP Roundtable Chair Rebecca Goldman) and @archivesnext (Kate Theimer, who is a member of the SAA Council) may have seen the energetic exchange that went on a couple days ago among the three of us about allowing SAA members to pay their dues on the installment plan. Continue reading

Help! I need your feedback on your San Diego Annual Meeting experience

As you may know, I’m currently a bit obsessed with getting feedback about the Annual Meeting, given both the work of our Annual Meeting Force Task and the fact that I’ll be (gulp) sort of responsible for next year’s meeting in … [drum roll] … beautiful New Orleans! So, please tell me about your experience in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. Continue reading

Inside SAA’s Member Survey Results

Contributed by Dennis Meissner (Minnesota Historical Society)
on behalf of the SAA Council

N.B. The following article was originally published in the July/August 2012 issue of Archival Outlook.

At the beginning of the year, 2,151 SAA members—that’s 35 percent of us!—completed an exhaustive (and probably exhausting) web survey that tried to get at the value proposition undergirding SAA membership. What do we value most, and least? How loyal are we to the association? What do we like about SAA publications, education products, and annual meeting services? Which of us are most satisfied, and which of us want change? The SAA Council got its first peek into the newly compiled data in May, and will be spending the next year or so teasing as much meaning as possible out of it. And a lot of that meaning will come directly from a series of online conversations with SAA members, starting now. Continue reading