The State Archives crisis in Georgia

Beginning yesterday, immediately after the Georgia Secretary of State announced the forthcoming closure of the State Archives to public access, Twitter and other channels have been afire with chat about the issue. Several tweeters have asked whether SAA will be preparing a response, and the answer is a very loud YES. Our Government Affairs Working Group is working on this now under the able leadership of Frank Boles . Watch this space and the usual SAA channels.

In the meantime, I’ll mention two ways in which you may choose to participate in the archival community’s response: You can sign the petition, and you can “like” Georgians Against Closing State Archives (whether or not you live in Georgia) on Facebook.

Rise up for archives!

2 responses to “The State Archives crisis in Georgia

  1. Thank you so much for your support! Dianne Cannestra, President Friends of the Georgia Archives

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