Do you care about the Annual Meeting?

I sure hope so! It’s an amazing playground for those of us who love being archivists, connecting with like-minded colleagues, being exposed to more learning than our brains  can possibly hold (umm, I speak only for myself), and generally having a fantastic time. The first year I attended the SAA conference I felt like a kid in a candy store. So many alluring sessions! Hundreds of fascinating archivists! Such excellent work being done! I’ve been back every year for … a long time now.

But here’s the real reason for this post: our hard-working Annual Meeting Task Force is here in force (heh) this week and will be extremely visible. They’ll be staffing a table next to the SAA reg desk all week starting Wednesday, ready to hear your comments and questions. They’ll also be hosting an open forum on Thursday at noon (Aqua 308) at which participants will actively help identify the most important issues. You’ll also learn a lot about the dynamics of planning the conference: What are the challenges in controlling attendees’ costs while keeping the Society solvent? Why can’t we always have free wi-fi in the meeting rooms? And much, much more. Be there or be left out of the conversation.

We’ll also pay close attention to any thoughts you contribute right here on Off the Record or in response to questions post by Task Force members on the AMTF microsite on the SAA website.

We already know what a lot of the challenges are (though you no doubt have more to tell us). Be part of the solution!

One response to “Do you care about the Annual Meeting?

  1. For those not at the conference, there is also an online forum option. I will be hosting a Google Hangout at the same time on Thursday (noon PDT, 3pm EDT). The plan is to share the same information and ask the same questions as they are at the actual forum. If you are interested, send your gmail address to jrsharp at gmail. There has also been interest expressed in another Hangout after the conference is over. Let me know if you would like to be added to the list.


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