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Internships, Privilege and SAA: A Council Member Responds

Michelle Light is the Director of Special Collections at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She is also a second year member of SAA Council.  Though her comments in response to the discussion of Jackie Dooley’s presidential address are a bit long, they are thoughtful and detailed and compelling. I hope you will read and comment. Continue reading

In the Wings

And now, heeeeeere’s your incoming SAA President, who will take office on Saturday 17 August. Let’s have a big round of applause for Danna Bell-Russel!

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Influence our future!

Those SAA members who pay attention to organizational matters are aware that we’ve been talking for the past eight months (or more) about refreshing our  2010-2014 strategic priorities. Yeah, I know … you may be saying ho hum and yawn … that’s kind of how I’ve felt about my past experiences with strategic planning. But IMHO we’ve done some very strong work so far that can add up to some meaningful directions and changes in where SAA concentrates its efforts. And we’re ready for your feedback on our draft. Deadline is April 23rd. Continue reading