The Upcoming SAA Council meeting, November 9-12

For the past and continuing year while I’ve been involved in SAA leadership and governance, the word “transparency” has been a regular refrain. At the joint annual meeting in Washington D.C., we had a few visitors during the Council meeting, and I hope in the future we will see that become a very regular experience. In between annual meetings, Council meets “live” twice in Chicago. The agenda, reports, and information for those meetings is posted on the SAA website:

I really encourage any of you interested in the direction and governance of SAA to take a few minutes to look at the agenda, and then check out any or all of the items provided for Council ‘s review—and yours! A couple things I’d like to draw your attention to in particular that Council will be discussing are: the report and recommendations of the Task Force on Member Affinity Groups; a proposed SAA Advocacy Agenda along with a draft issue brief on Funding of Government Archives Programs from the Committee on Advocacy and Public Policy; and the Committee on Public Awareness’s 2014-2015 Work plan. We’ll also be revisiting the SAA Strategic Plan and identifying priorities for the coming year within that plan.

Over the past year we’ve also been taking time to discuss a professional “mega-issue”. Previously we’ve mulled over archival employment, diversifying the archival profession, and this time we will be talking about ensuring a diverse and comprehensive American historical record. And we’ll also be discussing what other “mega-issues” need to be on the list for consideration, so if you have suggestions, please feel free to pass them along.

In fact, if you do take a look at the materials, as I hope you will, please feel free to share comments or questions with me directly ( or by responding to this blog post. If you’re more comfortable talking to a particular member of Council or other officer, please do so. One of the things we always do during the meeting is take time to ask each other “what are you hearing from members”. As my predecessor Danna Bell often said during her presidency “We are SAA”. You elected us—so please feel free to get in touch now or in the future.


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