Planning for D.C.

It’s only two weeks to the joint CoSA/NAGARA/SAA meeting and we are thrilled to announce that this will be our largest meeting ever. My compliments to the Host and Program committees for creating excellent programs and activities for conference attendees.

Here are a couple of quick suggestions to insure that you have a great time in D.C.

1. Remember to use the conference app to keep track of your schedule and to share it with your friends.

2. Get to sessions early. Some will fill quickly. Use all of the chairs; even those in the front. Don’t sit or stand in the aisles as that is a fire hazard.

3. If you decide to leave a session leave as quietly as you can and don’t let the door slam. The same goes if you enter a session that is already in progress.

4. Read the Host Committee blog. There’s great information on places to visit, information on getting around D.C. and information on D.C. Restaurant Week, which will be taking place at the same time as the conference. Many restaurants have fixed price menus or discounted specials. Take a chance on a new cuisine or a restaurant that is new to you.

5. Take time to say hello to a first time attendee and welcome them to the conference. A brief chat could turn into an opportunity to learn something new, exchange ideas or start a friendship that continues long after the conference.

6. Make sure to visit the exhibit hall during the conference and thank the vendors for supporting the Society and its members. Also, I along with incoming president Kathleen Roe and incoming Vice President-President Elect Dennis Meissner will be in the Office Hours booths (812 and 814) from 5:30-6:30pm on Thursday, August 14th. SAA Council members will be in the Office Hours booths on Friday, August 15th from 12:15-1:15. Come by and say hello.

7. Take time to thank SAA and CoSA staff as well as Program and Host Committee members for their hard work in creating a successful conference.

8. Finally, pack your patience. While it is wonderful that we will have nearly 2000 attendees it means that lines will be long, sessions will be crowded and walkways will be full. Also remember that the weather in DC can be quite interesting. Remember to bring rain gear for unexpected summer storms, comfy clothing and shoes, and wraps, jackets or sweaters for cold conference rooms.

More information will be forthcoming through In the Loop and the SAA website. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

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