We Want You….To Vote in this Year’s SAA Election

This post was submitted on behalf of Amy Schindler, Chair and the other members of the Nominating Committee.

As flowers peek out alerting us that the winter of the polar vortex in the lower 48 is ending, another annual rite of spring is underway across the SAA membership. Online voting for SAA’s 2014 Election opened March 13th and ends April 13th. Fourteen great candidates are vying for positions in the annual elections for Vice President/President-Elect, Council, and Nominating Committee.

Have you already voted? Congratulations and thank you! Remember, it is never too early to submit names of prospective candidates for next year’s election.

Why should any of us take the time to vote? The annual election is one way that we as members have a say in the governance and future of our professional organization. Voting may not be listed as one of the benefits of membership in SAA, but it is certainly one of our responsibilities. SAA’s members generally vote at a higher rate than members of other professional organizations, but we still see only around one quarter of members voting each year. The Nominating Committee can’t mail everyone who votes an “I voted!” sticker in recognition of your participation, but your time and contributions are important to the organization and appreciated.

Has uncertainty kept you from voting in the past? Don’t know who to vote for when you see those fourteen names? Each candidate has responded to a question posed by the Nominating Committee and provided biographical information to help us as members make our choices.

The slate is developed by members of the Nominating Committee with input from you the members. The committee receives suggestions from members through the annual call for nominations and there are also previous election slates, election results, prospects considered by the previous committee, as well as personal contacts of committee members that generate names of potential candidates. This work begins in the summer prior to the annual meeting. The Nominating Committee conducts initial vetting of prospects, develops a list of potential candidates, and speaks with prospective candidates to answer any questions about the election process or the office they would fill if elected. We are honored when our colleagues make the decision to stand for election. The slate is finalized in the fall and candidates then have about a month to craft their response to a question posed by the Nominating Committee (as well as selecting just the right headshot).

Know someone who you think would be a good candidate for the Vice President/President-Elect, Council, and/or Nominating Committee positions? Please take a minute to submit their name for consideration for the 2015 elections. I can assure you that the 2015 Nominating Committee will appreciate the suggestions and learning more about their colleagues from across the membership.

To review: vote for your choices from among fourteen impressive archivists! (More from Sesame Street on voting.) And, it is never too early to make suggestions for the 2015 elections through the SAA website.


2 responses to “We Want You….To Vote in this Year’s SAA Election

  1. Your post worked…I just voted!

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