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How can we best make you feel welcome?

This evening’s post is going to be a quickie so I can get it out there before launching my weekend (yay!). There has been some chat here and there today about how effective SAA’s orientation session for new attendees was this year, and I’d love to hear some specifics about how we could keep improving it. I’m getting a clear sense that the bottom line is … the more interactivity, the better. Continue reading

*Jump in* and take your first steps for managing born-digital content!

And today’s guest blogger is … SAA Council member Bill Landis, writing about a terrific e-records initiative recently announced by the Manuscript Repositories Section. They encourage all SAA members to Jump In. You may win a valuable prize!

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Hanging Together

A provocative new guest blogger joins the Off the Record roster today. The SAA Council was discussing last Friday’s tweetfest questioning whether the new SAA/NARA publication Resources for Volunteer Programs in Archives inappropriately advocates for the use of unpaid workers, and Terry Baxter leapt into the fray and answered my call for a blog post in response.

He expresses his opinion in typical unfettered Beaver Archivist fashion  (matching the level of passion used by last week’s tweeters). The faint of heart may be taken aback just a bit. Gird your loins, read on, and then build the comment thread.

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A day in the life …

OK, so today wasn’t exactly a routine day in my role as the current SAA President; SAA issues pretty much dominated it, which isn’t always the case. (And, sad to say, on a day when my day job was crying out for attention even more than usual! My spectacular/generous/supportive boss is no doubt ruing the day that he enthusiastically encouraged me to run for this office.) Given that we on the SAA Council often hear that what we do is totally mysterious [insert spooky soundtrack here], I thought some of you might find a rundown of the stuff that went down sort of interesting. At the very least, it’ll tell me where my day went. Continue reading

Please help SAA help the archives hit hard by Hurricane Sandy

Arghh. Shades of Katrina, Rita, Irene, and the other [un]natural disasters that have struck the U.S. over the past decade. We all undoubtedly have friends and  colleagues in New Jersey and New York who are struggling to dig their archives out from under water, mud, and garbage, after which they’ll begin recovery procedures for materials that aren’t beyond hope. No doubt some of you will be on the front lines with them as the archival community pulls together once again to help each other out. Continue reading