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Woo hoo! It’s NOLA time!

Greetings from beautiful New Orleans!! Archivists are beginning to gather, and soon we’ll outnumber the ever-presented inebriated throngs on Bourbon Street. :) I got here late last night after having a malfunctioning airplane grounded at DFW so am glad to have made it intact.

If you’re here already, welcome to the CoSA/SAA Joint Annual Meeting! And if you’re en route or not hitting the road quite yet, safe travels!

They found it!! Now help us spread the word …

It’s guest blogger day again here at OTR as Teresa Brinati, SAA’s dynamic,  ever-enthusiastic Director of Publishing, reminds us that voting is  open until May 15th for the I Found it in the Archives! contest. Hey, and next year how about making sure at least one entry goes in from your archives? It’s great public relations. Your boss will love it! :)

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Who found what? Find out here …

I know, I know … I pestered you only two weeks ago about voting in the SAA election (consider this a friendly reminder), and now I’m back. I just voted in the “I found it in the archives!” competition, and you should too.

It took less than ten minutes to read through the five (only five? really?) entries. Each little essay is less than 500 words (or so) long. They’re fun to read. I had an immediate favorite. Vote cast. Boom. On to the next thing on the to-do list. Continue reading

SAA’s distinguished new rep to NHPRC: Peter Gottlieb!

Receipt of the latest NHPRC e-newsletter today reminded me our mega-talented and very wise past President Peter Gottlieb is our new rep to the Commission. Making such appointments is one of the privileges of the SAA President, and I sure felt fortunate that Peter was willing to serve. He’s one of those members whose passion and influence endures into retirement. He’s also a member of our hard-working Government Affairs Working Group and represented the Society at last summer’s summit of regional archival societies in San Diego. And it’s clear that things archival aren’t his only passion: as his Facebook pal, I’m aware that he recently spent a week in El Salvador helping Habitat for Humanity build houses–and he wouldn’t be a true Wisconsite if he weren’t an avid fisherman!

Thank you, Peter!

Nominations Needed for SAA’s Awards and Scholarships!

Erin Lawrimore is the senior co-chair of SAA’s Awards Committee. Read her invitation to submit nominations by 28 February and help recognize your outstanding colleagues!

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A day in the life …

OK, so today wasn’t exactly a routine day in my role as the current SAA President; SAA issues pretty much dominated it, which isn’t always the case. (And, sad to say, on a day when my day job was crying out for attention even more than usual! My spectacular/generous/supportive boss is no doubt ruing the day that he enthusiastically encouraged me to run for this office.) Given that we on the SAA Council often hear that what we do is totally mysterious [insert spooky soundtrack here], I thought some of you might find a rundown of the stuff that went down sort of interesting. At the very least, it’ll tell me where my day went. Continue reading

SAA’s Annual Meeting: Before “Where are we going?”, there’s “Where have we been?”

Heads up! Today’s guest blogger is Kathy Marquis, co-chair of SAA’s hard-working Annual Meeting Task Force. Take note of her opening comment about roundtable meetings. The broader question is … how should our Annual Meeting week be structured to best serve attendees? Happy reading– Jackie

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