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Riding the Wave of Digital Information

One of the keynote speakers at the recent ARL membership meeting was Ingrid Parent, the University Librarian at the University of British Columbia and a past president of IFLA. Her focus was the evolving information environment which was the theme of her IFLA Trend Report, “Riding the Tide or Caught in the Waves: Navigating the Evolving Information Environment.” As I read her report I was stunned by one statistic: “In 2010, the quantity of information transmitted globally exceeded one zettabyte for the first time, and is expected to double every two years.” I can’t even imagine how much information that is or even how we as archivists will be able to deal with that much digital information. Continue reading

*Jump in* and take your first steps for managing born-digital content!

And today’s guest blogger is … SAA Council member Bill Landis, writing about a terrific e-records initiative recently announced by the Manuscript Repositories Section. They encourage all SAA members to Jump In. You may win a valuable prize!

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